Terms & Conditions:



In these In these Terms & Conditions, the term “Booking Form” means the Organiser’s booking form on the Organiser’s website or attached to these Terms and Conditions; “Contract” means the Booking Form and these Terms & Conditions; “Venue” means the venue named in Booking Form; “ Exhibitor/Advertiser means the party named on the Booking Form; ”Fair” means the wedding fair at the Venue as stated on the Booking Form; “Price” means the price stated on the Booking Form and any additional charges for additional equipment at the Venue; ”Organisers” “We” “Us” means The Wedding Affair ( a partnership); “Services means the services set out in clause 2 and “Visitors” means brides-to be, grooms and their guests.


  1. The Services

2.1 Subject to the Organiser having received all sums due under the Contract the Organiser shall:
2.1.1 liaise with the Venue to provide a suitable area for the Exhibitors to exhibit at the Fair;
2.1.2 provide and (at the Organiser’s discretion) allocate or reallocate stand space;
2.1.3 provide access to the stands in sufficient time before the start of the Fair;


  1. The Exhibitor/Advertiser’s Obligations

3.1 The Exhibitor/Advertiser shall:
3.1.1 provide all information requested on the Booking Form;
3.1.2 occupy the stand space at least one hour before the start time of the Fair and to be ready 15 minutes to half an hour prior to the Show starting;
3.1.3 inform the Organiser of any specific requirements relating to extra tables and pay any additional costs as notified by the Organiser prior to commencement of the Fair;
3.1.4 not dismantle the stand before the end of the Fair without the Organiser’s agreement;
3.1.5 provide any gift bag inserts (at the Organisers discretion) at least 14 days before the date of the Fair if requested;
3.1.6 provide all information to be included in a Bridal List 14 days before the day of the Fair;
3.1.7 not allow more than two persons to occupy the stand unless otherwise agreed with the Organisers;
3.1.8 not bring any alcohol or food into the Fair for their own or others to consume at the Fair;
3.1.9 dismantle the stand before the advertised time for the end of the Fair;
3.1.10 comply with any request from the Organisers relating to the siting, display and safety of the stand;
3.1.11 ensure the stand complies with all applicable health and safety legislation including PAT Testing any equipment brought to the Venue by the Exhibitor including but not limited to electrical items, gas cylinders and fire extinguishers and provide any applicable certificates as requested by the Organisers;
3.1.12 maintain high professional standards in terms of the look and feel of the stands and in particular shall not use any handwritten or day-glo signage;
3.1.13 not act in an unprofessional manner towards other exhibitors, the Organisers, Venue staff or Visitors both at the Fair or at any other time of the year, within their advertising period. Exhibitors and Advertisers must conduct themselves professionally and politely and they must not cause embarrassment, friction or make others feel uncomfortable by their actions or comments. If an Exhibitor or Advertiser does not act in the appropriate manner, the Organiser has the right to remove the said Exhibitor or Advertiser from the venue and/or their website and any future fairs or marketing and cease to do any business with their company with no refund of payment associated with exhibiting or advertising.
3.1.14 only distribute advertising and promotional material from the stand about their own company and services;
3.1.15 only promote the products or services as set out in the Booking Form and follow any reasonable request by the Organisers to remove any products or services not on the Booking Form;
3.1.16 not allow any person under 18 years old to exhibit or attend a stand (unless at the Organisers discretion);
3.1.17 at the end of the Fair remove from the Venue all waste items created by the Exhibitor; and
3.1.18 comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the Venue. Exhibitors not complying with the rules and regulations may be required to leave the Venue.

3.2 Website Listings (theweddingaffair.co.uk)

3.2.1 All Exhibitors/Advertisers are responsible for the content of their own listings, It is up to the business owner to ensure that the listed details are correct. If you feel that your business is incorrect then please contact The Wedding Affair or Bridal Deluxe ASAP and we will amend or remove the listing as required.
3.2.2 It is the responsibility of the Exhibitors/Advertiser to ensure that they have the correct permissions from the copyright holder to use their images, videos or logos on our website. We will remove any listing displaying copyrighted material without notice and reserve the right to ban the user from the site.
3.2.3 The Wedding affair reserve the right to use any such images to facilitate advertising products and services on other pages of the website and via our social media platforms. Should an Exhibitor/Advertiser require any image to be removed please contact The Wedding Affair or Bridal Deluxe.


  1. Payment

4.1 The Exhibitor shall pay 100% or 50% of the Price as a deposit on signing and return the Booking Form within 7 days of issue and the remainder at least 31 days before the Fair. No reservation shall be made at the Fair unless the Organisers have received a deposit.

4.2 Deposits are non-refundable. Final payments must be received 31 days prior to the event. If notice of cancellation is received within 30 days of the Event, no monies will be returned. If cancellation is received prior to 31 days the Organisers may return the 50% final payment or transfer the payment to another wedding fair in the same calendar year. No monies can be returned whatsoever in the event the Exhibitor fails to comply with this clause 4.2.

4.3 The time for such payment shall be of the essence of these terms and conditions. If the Exhibitor fails to make any payment on the due date in respect of the Price or any other sum due under these Terms and Conditions the Organisers shall, without prejudice to any right which the Organisers may have pursuant to any statutory provision in force from time to time, have the right to sell the reserved stand to another exhibitor.

4.4 Should a contra agreement (whereby an arrangement is made between the Organisers and the Exhibitor for an exchange of service for exhibition space) be reached and the Exhibitor does not attend the Fair the Exhibitor shall pay the full Exhibition stand Price within 7 days of the date of the Fair and the Exhibitor may be removed from the Website without notice.


  1. Limitation Of Liability

5.1 Nothing in these Conditions shall limit or exclude either party’s liability for:
5.1.1 death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or the negligence of its employees, agents or subcontractors;
5.1.2 fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
5.1.3 breach of the terms implied by section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (title and quiet possession).

5.2 Subject to clause 5.1:
5.2.1 the Organiser shall not be liable to the Exhibitor, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or for any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the Contract; and
5.2.2 the Organiser’s total liability to the Exhibitor in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the Contract, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall not exceed the Price.

5.4 Except as set out in these Conditions, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the Contract.

5.5 This clause 5 shall survive termination of the Contract.

5.6 The Exhibitor will maintain insurance cover with a reputable insurer in respect of public liability to cover injury, damage and loss to the Organiser, Venue other exhibitors and Visitors.

5.7 The Exhibitor will produce evidence to the Organiser on request of the insurance policies set out in clause 5.6.


  1. Termination

6.1 Without limiting its other rights or remedies, each party may terminate the Contract with immediate effect by giving written notice to the other party if:

6.1.1 the other party commits a material breach of the Contract and (if such a breach is remediable) fails to remedy that breach within 7 days of that party being notified in writing of the breach;

6.1.2 the other party suspends, or threatens to suspend, payment of its debts or is unable to pay its debts as they fall due or admits inability to pay its debts or (being a company) is deemed unable to pay its debts within the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or (being an individual) is deemed either unable to pay its debts or as having no reasonable prospect of so doing, in either case, within the meaning of section 268 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or (being a partnership) has any partner to whom any of the foregoing apply; or

6.1.3 the other party suspends or ceases, or threatens to suspend or cease, to carry on all or a substantial part of its business;


  1. Consequences of Termination

7.1 On termination of the Contract for any reason the accrued rights, remedies, obligations and liabilities of the parties as at expiry or termination shall not be affected, including the right to claim damages in respect of any breach of the Contract which existed at or before the date of termination or expiry; and

7.2 The Exhibitor hereby indemnifies the Organiser against any losses or claims made against the Organiser by any third parties including Visitors and Exhibitors howsoever arising as a consequence of the Exhibitor’s breach of the Contract or termination of the Contract.


  1. General

8.1 Force Majeure:

8.1.2 The Organiser shall not be liable to the Exhibitor as a result of any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this Contract as a result of a Force Majeure Event. For the purposes of this Contract, Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser including but not limited to strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of the Organiser or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, rain, ice, snow or default of suppliers or subcontractors.

8.1.3 If the Force Majeure Event prevents the Organiser from providing any of the Services the Organiser shall, without limiting its other rights or remedies, have the right to terminate this Contract immediately by giving written notice to the Exhibitor. Alternatively the Organiser may at its discretion agree to postpone the Event, however monies will not be refunded if the Exhibitor cannot attend the rescheduled date or the event cannot be rescheduled. The Organiser shall have no liability to the Exhibitor whatsoever including monies refunded should the Event be cancelled or postponed and the Contract is terminated due to an event of a Force Majeure.

8.2 Assignment and Subcontracting:

8.1.2 The Organiser may at any time assign, transfer, charge, subcontract or deal in any other manner with all or any of its rights under the Contract and may subcontract or delegate in any manner any or all of its obligations under the Contract to any third party, event manager or agent.

8.1.3 The Exhibitor shall not, without the prior written consent of the Organiser, assign, transfer, charge, subcontract or deal in any other manner with all or any of its rights or obligations under the Contract.

8.3 Notices:

8.3.1 Any notice or other communication required to be given to a party under or in connection with this Contract shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the other party personally or sent by prepaid first-class post, recorded delivery or by commercial courier, at its registered office (if a company) or (in any other case) its principal place of business, or sent by fax to the other party’s main fax number and if sent by e-mail to the e-mail address notified by the recipient.

8.3.2 Any notice or other communication shall be deemed to have been duly received if delivered personally, when left at the address referred to above or, if sent by pre-paid first-class post or recorded delivery, at 9.00 am on the second Business Day after posting, or if delivered by commercial courier, on the date and at the time that the courier’s delivery receipt is signed, or if sent by fax, on the next Business Day after transmission or if sent by e-mail at the time it was sent.

8.4 Waiver:

8.4.1 A waiver of any right under the Contract is only effective if it is in writing and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default. No failure or delay by a party in exercising any right or remedy under the Contract or by law shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor preclude or restrict its further exercise. No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall preclude or restrict the further exercise of that or any other right or remedy.

8.4.2 Unless specifically provided otherwise, rights arising under the Contract are cumulative and do not exclude rights provided by law.

8.5 Severance:

8.5.1 If a court or any other competent authority finds that any provision of the Contract (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the Contract shall not be affected.

8.5.2 If any invalid, unenforceable or illegal provision of the Contract would be valid, enforceable and legal if some part of it were deleted, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable.

8.6 Nothing in the Contract is intended to, or shall be deemed to, constitute a partnership or joint venture of any kind between any of the parties, nor constitute any party the agent of another party for any purpose. No party shall have authority to act as agent for, or to bind, the other party in any way.

8.7 A person who is not a party to the Contract shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

8.8 Any variation, including the introduction of any additional terms and conditions, to the Contract, shall only be binding when agreed in writing and signed by the parties to the Contract.

8.9 This Contract, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law, and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.